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Buy with confidence

Why PayU?

We have built our payments business around our merchants and consumers to ensure that people can buy and sell online safely and simply. As the fintech division of Naspers, we are one of the leading online payment service providers in the world, and we aim to provide our customers with a fast, simple and secure online payment experience.
Our local operations span 18 high growth markets across the world.

PayU Kenya is a licensed payment company which processes local payments for both Kenyan and global merchants. We have been in the African market for more than ten years and continue to grow our Kenya business.

How does it work?

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As a customer

When you're making payments;

  1. Choose the products or services to buy on the merchant’s website. 
  2. Make the payment through the PayU payment system, using your preferred payment method. 
  3. Receive an email confirmation of the payment. 
  4. Return to the merchant website so you can continue browsing. 
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As a merchant...

How you receive payments?

  1. We validate the transaction information. 
  2. Your customer pays on your website, through the PayU payment system.
  3. We confirm your customers’ payment through the confirmation page and via email.
  4. You receive the money in your virtual PayU account, which you can transfer to your bank account anytime

A powerful security & fraud system

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We provide 3D Secure and two-factor authentication on card transactions for online payment. 

Our online platform is PCI-DSS level 1 certified ensuring the protection, confidentiality, and integrity of cardholder's data.

We provide ACI ReD’s fraud monitoring services to further secure transactions and prevent fraud.

Tips for buying online

  • Use a secure connection

Be sure to use a secure connection to the Internet before entering your data and payment information.

  • Validate the page URL

Check that the URL of the payment page offers a secure environment using HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol), to ensure that your data is protected.

  • Check the status of your bank or credit account

Check your bank or credit account data to ensure that there are no incorrect nor fraudulent charges.

  • Small print promotions

Always read the conditions in the small print promotions, before making a purchase

  • Do your research

Make sure to read reviews of any products before making your purchase and store's shipment & return policies.